Appropriate use of fungicides in the farm

Science has proven beyond reasonable doubt that plant and animal are living things. Comparing the characteristics of both and confirming they share same features except locomotion while plants move in their own way.

So, as animals have disease pathogen , plants also do. Diseases of plants are either caused by bacterias, viruses, fungis, nematodes e.t.c. Experience has proven that even if plant disease are caused by any of the pathogens, most of the diseases are products of one or more fungi infection. Thus the most available and the most effective way of controlling plant diseases is by using the appropriate FUNGICIDE.

A fungicide is an agent that destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi. To farmers, fungi infection on our crops especially fragile vegetables like tomato, cucumber, pepper e.t.c. thus a need to eradicate them effectively. The essence of this awareness is not to familiarize you with diseases because we pray against them on daily basis in our farms, but to hint you on the basic kinds of available fungicides for prospective fungi that may attack. These fungicides are as follows; CATEGORY A; These set of fungicides contain mainly of Mancozeb and/or Metalalyl as Active Ingredients. They are mainly used in controlling common fungi diseases like Early blight, powdery mildew, e.t.c. examples of such fungicide are Z-FORCE, VICTORY, AGROZEB e.t,.c CATEGORY B; these set of fungicides are very sensitive as they control serious bacteria, and fungi diseases. They are made of copper oxide in different proportions. They are best applied from the very early stage of plants. They control diseases like late blight, bacterial specs, bacterial wilt e.t.c. example of such fungicide is KOICIDE, RED FORCE, FUNGURAN e.t.c CATEGORY C; These are the most expensive set of Fungicides because they are the most expensive. They contol very serious fungi, viral and bacterial diseases. They work for diseases accrued to all the categories. They help control special diseases such as Anctracnose, septoria leafr spot, fusarium wilt e.t.c . examples of these fungicides are FORCELET, FUNGUFORCE, AGROZIM.e.t.c