Basic steps for a mushroom growing business

It is important to know which are the suppliers and at the same time where you can sell the mushrooms. Calculate the costs of the provisioning with compost, casing soil, labour costs, energy and study the local market in order to see the selling prices. In this way you can establish if the mushrooms growing can be a successful business for you or not.

6. The business plan

Like any business, a mushroom farm needs personnel, energy and fuel expenses, logistics. You will need a business plan for it. The budget must be established for every stage of the investment

7. The most important thing in a mushroom farm, for a good start of the business, is the technologist. Without an experienced technologist you will have to do more things at the same time: growing mushrooms, finding customers, selling the production. An experienced technologist can help you to create a successful business. He will take care about quantity and quality of your production and you will take care about the market.

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