How farm management software can improve success

Better farming operations and increasing productivity levels depend upon better agribusiness decisions being made on a daily basis. As in all other industries, these decisions are being supported by specialist software which collates, processes and analyses important business information; providing business data when and where it is required to make fully informed decisions. Primary producers have recognised the importance of incorporating the latest in information technology in the farming environment; assisting owners, managers and workers to achieve gains in productivity, quality and profitability. Farm management software has enabled those charged with the responsibility of managing agricultural operations the necessary tools to drive the business forward.

Farm management software solves problems, expressed as a set of tasks, which aids in the act of improving the economic viability of the farming operation. Technology which is driving portable and mobile technology is enabling the information to be accessed at a time and place when it is needed most in the farming environment. Laptops, personal digital assistants (PDA’s) and Smartphones are easily portable and can be taken with the farmer and used in the fields far away from the farmstead or office.

As well as offering the same functionality of popular small business and accounting software, farm management software has unique properties and additional programs built into the software to take into account the nuances and idiosyncrasies of farm management and business control. Some of these additional functions include paddock diaries, feed budgeting and stock diaries.

A map of your existing farm can be incorporated into a Paddock Diary to create a production management tool that records farm events on the spot. Ascertaining when and where significant gains and losses are experienced geographically provides vital information pertaining to the inputs invested in the farm. Simple accounting is not enough for the modern farming business; owners and managers require a tool whereby they can analyse various situations to determine the best mix for increasing productivity.

Feed budgeting tools, also incorporating your farm map enable a farmer to manage the current feed supply, as well as plan the feed requirements for the upcoming season; through the use of current and projected reporting tools in the farm management software.

Stock diaries record vital information about the stock on the farm, based on mobs, groups and even individual animals. This information is vital for compliance, and monitoring and analyzing animal performance to ensure you are getting the best return on investment.

Our LandMark Farm Management Software package will assist you with stock management, financial budgeting and planning for the forthcoming seasons feed requirements.