How to use a biofertilizer to boost your farm output

Composter: (Decomposing Culture): Composter breaks down any organic matter such as dead plants farm yard waste, cattle waste etc. thereby increasing the soil productivity.

Tricho-Card: Trichogramma is an efficient destroyer of eggs of many leaf and flower eaters, stems, fruit, shoot borers etc. It can be used in a variety of crops as well as in horticultural and ornamental plants,such as sugarcane,cotton,brinjal,tomato,corn,jawar,vegetables,citrus,paddy apple etc.

Vermi Compost: It is 100% pure eco-friendly organic fertilizer. This organic fertilizer has nitrogen phosphorus, potassium,organic carbon,sulphur,hormones,vitamins,enzymes and antibiotics which helps to improve the quality and quantity of yield. It is observed that due to continuous misuse of chemical fertiliser soil losses its fertility and gets salty day by day. To overcome such problems natural farming is the only remedy and Vermi compost is the best solution.

Biocompost: It is eco-friendly organic fertilizer which is prepared from the sugar industry waste material which is decomposed and enriched of with various plants and human friendly bacteria and fungi. Biocompost consists of nitrogen, phosphate solubilizing bacteria and various useful fungi like decomposing fungi, trichoderma viridea which protects the plants from various soil borne disease and also help to increase soil fertility which results to a good quality product to the farmers.

  • Mr. Mahesh Deshmukh is Vice Chairman of Lokmangal Agro Industries Ltd. He can be reached via email at
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