Rice destoner machine

1.The rice destoner machine is mainly used in the grain processing plant. rice destoner machine can separate the impurities such as the weight of the shoulder stone, such as wheat, rice, soybean, rice, rapeseed, peanut and other granular materials. 2.In the process design, the rice destoner machine needs to be arranged in the rear of the cleaning process, so that after removing the large, medium, small, light miscellaneous and magnetic metal impurities, the grain can not easily block the holes on the stone plate, thus the effect of the stone removal is more stable. Parameters of rice destoner machine

Type SQ50 Productivity(KG/H) 1500-2000 Width of Screen(MM) 500 Power(KW) 1.5 Frequency(R/MIN) 450 Angle(º) 10-14 Case’s Dimension(CM) 130×100×145 N.Weight(KG) 143 G.Weight(KG) 175

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