Self reliance with urban farming

Recently, urban agriculture has gained much popularity across the globe. This not only allows you to enjoy farming and gardening in the comfort of your home. Urban agriculture is also a great technique to achieve total urban self-reliance.

When we talk about farming, the first image that comes to mind is a vast spread of land. But today, you can have your own mini-farm almost anywhere. You don’t need much space for it. You can have it in your front yard, back yard, rooftop, garage, empty lot or window boxes.

Once you decided on where to set it up, the next step is to choose the seeds and seedlings. Many crops are seasonal. Some thrive exclusively during the warm weather condition such as sweet corn, tomato and cucumber. There are also some that thrive only in the cold weather like broccoli, cabbage and asparagus.

For an increased productivity of your mini-farm, it is extremely important to choose the right crops. If you plant a particular season’s crop in another season, more often than not, the crop dies out. But knowing the right kind of crop to plant will prevent wastage of effort and money.

Another couple of aspects to consider in choosing the seeds are the amount of time that you can devote and your level of skill in farming. For beginners, they can try herbs, chilies or tomatoes. These plants are easy to cultivate and maintain.

The next step is choosing and buying your pots and containers. Pots are advisable if you are going to plant in the balcony or garage. In case you intend to sow your seeds in your front yard or garden, you have two options. You can dig up the ground or use pots for your seeds to grow.

Once the seeds are sowed, all you need to do is water them every day. Remove the weeds, dried leaves and small insects from your plants. To produce greener and healthier crops, place them where they can get a good amount of sunlight.

Urban agriculture is not only an interesting hobby. It also guarantees you fresh and organic harvest. Planting your own vegetables saves you a lot of money, too. This is how urban agriculture makes you self-reliant.

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