Tips for growing healthier plants and vegetables

Biofertilizers can be applied to crops in a number of ways. They can be applied as a seed treatment, as a root drench or as a foliar application. The key is to make sure that the biofertilizer gets to the root zone in the most efficient manner. The use of beneficial microorganisms can have a great benefit for the farmer and gardener. The key to growing bigger, heathier plants is to use biofertilizers. Custom Biologicals manufactures a number of biofertilizers and beneficial microorganisms for use by farmers and gardeners. Biota Max is a revolutionary, biofertilizer containing 10 species of beneficial microorganisms. Biota Max is an effervescent tablet containing billions of beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma. Each tablet contains enough beneficial microorganisms to treat 1/4 acre. Sponsored post Also read